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About Me
“Happiness is when your
code runs without errors.”

Hello! My name is Joshua Song (SungHyun is my Korean name).

Formerly a psychology major, I am currently a senior CS major at Carleton College.
I spent about two years proudly serving in the South Korean military and
another year and a half gaining experience as a software engineer at a logistics startup.

My main strength is to communicate and never back down from challenges.
I take pride in my way of communication and the relationships I build with others.
When challenges arise, I act proactively and think of a way to resolve them,
rather than passively waiting for help.
I love to code, and I want to make an impact to the people around me.

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Bachelor of Arts: Computer Science, 2015 ~ 2023
Activities: Korean Adoptee Program, Korean Student Association, Volleyball Club.
International Baccalaureate Diploma, 2011 ~ 2015
- Graduated as Salutatorian
- School President
Work Experiences

Flexport: Software Engineer Intern 2022.06-2022.09

# Main Works
- Expanded the schedule queue, which is a workflow tool that automatically identify irregular shipments, to include air shipments.
- Created end-to-end unit tests.
- Utilized internal database snapshot tool and data mapping to display new data field and search filter in the schedule queue.
- Configured cron job to evaluate air shipments regularly and separately.

# Achievement
- Enabled the air operations team to migrate into the extended schedule queue with half the latency period.
- Achieved 50% reduction in the median response time.
- Achieved a significant decrease in the number of interactions per shipment.

DataSquad: Senior Design Engineer 2021.09-2022.06

# Main Works
- Led the team of student developers to refactor the old code of Career Center’s student pathway, which is a sankey diagram that tracks career trajectories based on Carleton alumni data.
- Migrated code from HTML to JavaScript and added requested functions using React and D3.js.

# Achievement
- Enabled dynamic transition and interactive user experience.
- Motivated the team throughout the project with a clear vision and smooth communication at each sprint to enable agile working.

SellerNote: Software Engineer 2020.04-2021.07

# Main Works
- Designed and migrated database.
- Developed and designed Restful APIs.
- Build service based on event-driven architecture.
- Created end-to-end unit tests: +80% Coverage.

# Achievement
- Launched logistics platform, "Bringoodz", in Singapore.
- Conducted data-driven user management via email and coupon: +200% User.
- Accumulated experience on communicating effectively and working in agile scrum.

Combined Forces Command: Translator 2017.12-2019.07

- Participated in the ROK-US combined exercises as the public affairs translator.
- Translated the 2018 PAO Manual for ROKA TRADOC.
- Translated military documents and public statements relevant to public affairs.
- Received commendation from: CFC Deputy COS, ROK Chief of PAO,
US Chief of PAO, and ROK Chief of KSC.



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